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Why You Should Buy a Home Instead of Renting

August 28, 2020

There are quite a few reasons why someone may want to make the move from renting apartments or condos to properly owning a home. Some of these points can include: Wanting to be able to make an investment in a… More

Design Choices That Help Your Home Sell

August 15, 2020

Sellers are willing to pull out all the stops to get the best price for their homes, from aggressively marketing the property to working with the top realtor in Victoria, BC. However, a lot of the steps to get the… More

Victoria Real Estate Listing: Timberview 1119

August 11, 2020

A French inspired Mediterranean style home enveloped in warmth from the soothing color palette, and hand-rubbed distressed oak floors. This home presents a cozy, yet spacious feeling of comfort from the moment you enter. To view the Video on Youtube… More

How To React To A Sudden Move

August 10, 2020

There are many reasons why people may need to move suddenly. Perhaps there’s a family emergency that requires you to relocate closer to someone. Sometimes, it’s a positive situation, like getting your dream job in a different region of the… More

How to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Market

August 1, 2020

Every home has its own unique traits that make it special, and when it comes to selling your house, those traits are what’s going to separate yours from some other local option. A real estate agent in Victoria BC, can… More