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5 Top-Rated Attractions in Victoria BC

February 23, 2022

Located at the southern end of Vancouver Island, Victoria is one of the warmest places in Canada, and it is pretty popular for attractive activities all year round. As the capital of British Columbia, Victoria is known for its friendly… More

All the Royal British Columbia Museum Has to Offer

February 16, 2022

Visiting museums in any city is a great way to learn and engage with the local culture. As the top realtor in Victoria BC, Brad MacLaren, I know my city is no exception from being home to a beautiful, intriguing… More

Victoria BC is the Place To Be

February 12, 2022

The capital of British Columbia and the largest city in Canada’s Vancouver Island, Victoria, beckons visitors and adventurous people to move. Covered in gorgeous green nature and surrounded by clear Pacific Ocean water, the city offers community lifestyles for all… More