Monthly Archives: October 2022

Understanding Fixer-Uppers Before You Buy

October 26, 2022

Many people have heard the term fixer-upper houses, but not everyone knows what they really are. These are usually old homes that require substantial repairs or renovations for them to be livable. Fixer-upper homes often attract a lot of expenses… More

Planning Out Your Next Remodel

October 19, 2022

Home remodeling projects can be expensive, time-consuming, and demanding. Several steps are involved in a home remodeling project, depending on the project size. But with a little preparation and organization, the hassle involved can become minimal. Therefore, homeowners must establish… More

Does Downsizing Make Sense For You?

October 16, 2022

Almost everyone dreams of someday buying a big house like a mansion or castle. However, rattling around in a mansion with multiple rooms you don’t use can get boring. It can also be a hassle to maintain such a home,… More

Why Seasons Matter So Much In Real Estate

October 11, 2022

It’s not a surprise that the housing market constantly fluctuates throughout the year. For instance, the market during the fall is different from the one in summer. That’s because house hunting during the fall is less competitive, making more affordable… More