Prepare a file to keep receipts of moving expenses and reimbursements for tax deductions

Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of payment.

Call Charities for pick up of unwanted clothes.

Repair minor damages to home

Transfer or resign club memberships.

Get packing paper, pad for inventory, and marking pens, boxes, and twine for packing belongings.

Ask your bank to transfer your accounts to the branch nearest your new location.

Notify existing Water company

Notify Lawn/garden services

Notify Cell Phone company

Transfer Pet’s licenses

Notify Housecleaning service

Notify Vehicle registration and licensing agency

Notify existing Internet Supplier

Notify new Internet Supplier

Complete Change of Address form

Notify Lawyer

Notify Finance companies

Arrange for a yard sale for unnecessary belongings.

Notify new Gas/Oil company

Notify alarm service

Notify existing Cable/Satelite company

Notify Credit cards

Notify Diaper service

Notify Schools

Notify Magazines

Notify Book & music clubs

Notify Doctor

Notify new Cable/Satelite company

Notify Dentist

Notify Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)

Assure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit.

Notify new Electric company

Notify existing Electric company

Notify Garbage (special pick-up)

Notify existing Telephone company

Notify Loan institutions

Notify loyality programs

Notify Library

Notify Newspapers

Notify Catalogue Subscriptions

Notify new Water company

Notify existing Gas/Oil company

Notify Non-government supplementary health plan

Notify Insurance agencies

Arrange to transport pets.

Arrange for work that has to be done at new home.

Notify new Telephone company

Notify Veterinarian

Plan a going-away party for your children and their friends.

Verify your moving in date with your new landlord/estate agent.

Plan a going-away party for you and your friends

Prepare a floor plan of your new home and make extra copies.

Collect items being cleaned, repaired, stored and loaned to friends.

Check to make sure you have returned all rented items.

Arrange care for young children during the busy days of packing, loading and moving in.

Return library books.

Arrange care for your pets during the busy days of packing, loading and moving in.

Use up perishable foods.

Pack your former town’s phone book for future correspondance

Set aside and label items such as luggage that you do not want packed or moved.

Arrange to have sufficient cash and/or travellers’ cheques to cover expenses until you’re in your new home.

Drain fuel from the lawnmower and other machinery. Safely dispose of all gasoline, matches, paints, aerosol cans listed in our booklet Handling Dangerous Goods.

Clean rugs and drapes.

Take down any fixtures fastened to wall.

Set aside things you will carry in car in carton marked Do not load.

Take down curtains, blinds, rods, shelves. Unfasten any fixed carpets that are to be moved.

Prepare a list of items you’ll need immediately at destination, such as a flashlight, light bulbs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, snacks and drinks.

Confirm hotel/ motel reservations for your trip.

Get utilities turned on, or meters read.

Clean fridge one day before move; clean stove.

Make sure you have your Passport(s)

All meters read

Lights turned off

Keys left as agreed with new residence

Make sure you have your children’s school records.

Make sure you have your Automobile ownership.

Windows and doors locked

Double check rooms, closets, drawers, shelves, outdoor areas and garage to make sure you’ve taken everything.

Make sure you have your Medical and Dental records.

Furnace turned down or off

Get appliances hooked up.

Give your new phone number and an alternate contact to your mover before they leave.

List claims for lost or damaged articles.

Make sure you have your Insurance policies.

Make sure you have your moving related documents.

Check to see appliances (refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer, etc.) are working.