Common Myths About Selling Your Home

March 24, 2020

Ever wondered what the most common myths about selling your home are? From renovations to real estate agents we look at the top 3!

Thousands of homes are sold across Canada each year, and most of the time, things work out in a way that everyone’s happy. When that isn’t the case, it’s largely due to one side or the other not properly understanding how the process works. So, here are some of the home-sellings myths the top Victoria, BC, real estate agent can help you debunk.

You’re fine relying on an online house estimate:

A lot of people try to save time on setting expectations for how much they can get for their home by using an online tool. These resources generally have you enter your location, some key features about the property, and other information, and give you an estimated value. While this can give you some starter information, the fact is that you can’t put the value of a home into a single algorithm. A real estate agent is an ideal resource to work within these cases, saving you the potential frustration of taking your home to market on an overinflated value.


Real estate agents are overpaid for their effort:

You need to realize a few things about the profession before you go to these lengths. First of all, the bulk of real estate agents make most of their money off of commission, so it’s to their benefit to try and work as hard as possible to get the most money for your efforts. In addition, there’s a lot of expertise and work that goes into the efforts of your average agent. This ranges from negotiating with different buyers to learning about your neighbourhood in order to sell more effectively. So, when you reach out to a professional, make sure that you understand all the work they need to do.

Massive renovations will equal more return on investment for you:

There’s a fine area that you’re supposed to look at here in terms of balance. If you pay a lot of money for a massive overhaul, you’ll see some benefit, but not necessarily enough to make up for how much money you put in. For example, if you go full out on a kitchen or bathroom, you may only make a fraction of your money back on the sale. Instead, what you want to focus on major high-impact upgrades, such as replacing a garage door, faucet or cabinet. These don’t cost a lot, so you’ll get a higher return. Curb appeal also matters, so consider investing in landscaping. 

In many cases, the different myths regarding selling a home stem from a bit of truth, which is part of what makes them so hard to get through. However, working with a skilled real estate professional is your easy way to get through the confusion to get to the truth.

When you’re ready to find that ideal partnership, you need the best  Victoria, BC real estate agent to manage the job. We have just the person in mind! Contact our team today to find out how we can help!