Monthly Archives: December 2020

How to Be a Savvy Home Buyer – With a Top Realtor

December 28, 2020

How To Be A Savvy Home Buyer Hunting for your next property in Victoria, BC can be a thrill. You get to explore properties around you and imagine yourself in new settings. From house-hunting, you can pull inspiration and develop… More

Home Upgrade Tips for a Successful Property Sale – From a Top Realtor

December 21, 2020

When you put your house on the Victoria real estate market, you’ll likely have expectations of how soon it will sell and whether you’ll get an offer that meets your ideal asking price. You may feel pretty attached to your… More

Common Home Selling Mistakes In Victoria BC

December 14, 2020

Selling your home can be a challenging experience, especially if you’re a first-time seller. The good news is that you can easily avoid the most common pitfalls that most sellers make by getting expert advice from the Best Realtor in… More

How To Improve Curb Appeal

December 10, 2020

Most homeowners know that it’s important to make their house look amazing before they sell it. However, many forget that it’s not just the inside of the house that has to be prepared — curb appeal matters too. The good… More

Local Victoria Real Estate Market Update: December

December 3, 2020

Victoria real estate market continues to experience strong demand, low supply A total of 795 properties sold in the Victoria Real Estate Board region this November, 37.8 per cent more than the 577 properties sold in November 2019 but 19.7… More

How To Choose A Realtor

December 2, 2020

Most people who are looking to sell their home or buy a new one know that they need the help of a professional. A real estate agent will help to walk you through the process of finding the perfect house… More