Curb Appeal Explained

April 15, 2020

Chances are that early in the discussion about selling your home, you’re going to have a conversation about curb appeal and whether or not your home is up to snuff. This can play a major role in how much you get in your final sale, but there’s also a lot of misconceptions that can come into play. So, let’s talk about what curb appeal is and how the top realtor in Victoria, BC, can help you manage it. 

curb appeal explained

In essence, curb appeal is a catch-all term that describes how attractive a house is from the street or sidewalk. If you want to see it in action, look around your neighborhood and see how some homes look compared to others. Nicer homes are going to bring in more money when the time comes to sell due to the amount of added effort that’s been put in, though it’s harder to quantify than something like square footage. Much like a renovation, the less fixing up a buyer has to do to get a house suitable for their needs, the more you can ask for at the negotiating table.


So, how do you go about increasing curb appeal? There are quite a few ways that you can go about it, and many of them aren’t very expensive. For example, a new coat of paint or heavy landscaping will naturally do the job, but something as simple as clearing out clutter, keeping your lawn mowed, or changing out light fixtures can contribute to your curb appeal. There’s also more specific advice that may apply to increasing the curb appeal in your neighborhood. For example, if all your neighbors have a certain style, converting to that style may help your case because your home will blend in better. This can even include the type of plants you have or the style of fixtures you have in the front.


In some cases, especially for older homes, deciding exactly what you’re going to do in terms of curb appeal can get a bit overwhelming. Be sure to have some honest conversations with your realtor about this, not just about your goals, but your budget. They can help suggest some cheaper options for you to get a quick curb appeal boost if you are struggling. There are also third-party professionals who can appraise your outdoor areas to advise where you should concentrate your efforts. 


Curb appeal can be a key part of raising the sale price of your home, but like any renovation or changes, there needs to be a balancing act that helps you get the most return on investment. A key part of this is going to be having proper advice from a real estate professional to guide you on what elements are hurting your curb appeal that won’t cost much to fix. The best realtor in Victoria, BC, is a great asset here. Contact our team today to find out how we can help!