Design Choices That Help Your Home Sell

August 15, 2020

Sellers are willing to pull out all the stops to get the best price for their homes, from aggressively marketing the property to working with the top realtor in Victoria, BC. However, a lot of the steps to get the best price happen well before you put your listing up. Certain home design steps are essential for ensuring that you get the best possible result. Here’s what you need to know about design choices that will help your home sell. 

Design Choices That Help Your Home Sell

Neutral Colors

Most home buyers are going to want to put their permanent stamp on a home, assuming they plan to live in the area for a long time. Because of this, it’s well worth your effort to try and put together a paint job that’s as neutral as possible. Think of it as a blank canvas for the buyer to work with. This way, they can bring in certain pieces of furniture from their home without worrying about it clashing with the walls, or needing to repaint the home as soon as they get it.



Added Space

Naturally, a home that’s well-lived in is going to build up clutter, especially if you start adding children to the mix. However, if you take the time to declutter your home before putting it out on the market, it will suddenly give off the appearance of having a lot more storage. This makes it a great place to start with overall. Something as simple as taking half the old clothes out of your closet before staging the house can make it seem far more spacious.



Manipulate Lighting

Having added light in a room, natural or artificial, can do a lot to help change the feel of a room, making it feel more vibrant or calming or simply making it easier to get around. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit with different types or angles of lighting before you put your home on the market.



Look at the Neighborhood

This last piece of advice is something that you can apply to just about any aspect of preparing a home. Standing out isn’t a bad thing, but when selling a home, you don’t want it to seem too strange compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Look at the different real estate listings in Victoria that sell, and see if there are a few design aspects that you can emulate. This way, you can target that same category of buyers. 


Once you’ve implemented these design choices that help your home sell, the next step is to put your home and its listing in front of potential buyers who will value those steps. However, this is often easier said than done. A good way to get ahead of the potential issue is to be sure to enlist the best realtor in Victoria, BC. They will survey your home’s unique design elements and amenities, and find a way to craft a strategy that will get you the best ROI possible. When you are ready to begin, reach out to our team today.