Home Upgrade Tips for a Successful Property Sale – From a Top Realtor

December 21, 2020

When you put your house on the Victoria real estate market, you’ll likely have expectations of how soon it will sell and whether you’ll get an offer that meets your ideal asking price. You may feel pretty attached to your house if you’ve spent enough time in it and made memories along the way. This could obstruct your perception of how others will see it. If your house isn’t up-to-date on home design trends, it could stay unsold on the market for a long period, which will cost you. To avoid this, you can make some easy fixes that will help you sell fast with a satisfying profit. Here are some tips for home upgrades to help you sell your house faster and at an impressive price. 

Home upgrades to sell your house

Modern Kitchen 

The kitchen is a main staple of the home, and it will be a major priority for your buyers since this is where they’ll be cooking for their family or guests. They’ll want high-quality appliances and trendy finishes that will make them excited to spend valuable time in their new kitchen, making meals and memories. 

Here are some fixes you can make to your kitchen in order to make it appealing to your potential buyers:

  • Functional, freshly painted cabinets
  • Durable counter tops with stylish design
  • Kitchen island with seating
  • Plenty of counter space
  • Large sink with quality faucet features


Fresh Wall Paint and Decor

You may have originally gone funky or eclectic with your choice of decor and coloring throughout your home. Remember that now you’re trying to appeal to multiple buyers’ tastes. That’s why it’s best to refresh your paint job with neutral shades that will brighten your rooms to feel more spacious and to highlight features you want viewers to notice against a simple, clean backdrop. Give your flooring attention, too. If you have outdated carpeting, consider getting rid of it. Sand, stain and highlight the exposed hardwood underneath for a tasteful look. These simple, upgraded features will demonstrate that you’ve been caring for the house over time. Your buyers will be relieved to see there won’t be necessary work for them with your property.   


Quality Bathroom Equipment

Investing in updated bathroom essentials like improved plumbing, re-tiling, lighting could benefit you greatly. Buyers will be convinced they want your home after seeing these quality fixtures. But, renovating a bathroom can be a lot of trouble. Buyers are looking for a property that they won’t have to invest time and money into. As a result, seeing your modern features and refreshed decor will give them some confidence to make a favorable offer. 


Let an Expert Help

Now you’ve read this list of tips for home upgrades to help you sell your house. And now you’ll want to decide what course of action to take. To ensure the house upgrade and selling process really goes your way, you’ll want the best realtor in Victoria, BC on your side. Our firm’s expert realtors will help you judge a property’s quality, share all necessary insights, and offer their professional advice to help you sell your home quick, for the price you deserve. Contact our team today to start your journey.