How to Prepare for an Open House

February 23, 2020

Selling your house can be stressful especially when you prepare for an open house. Often, for sellers, there is a lot of emotion tied up in passing on the place they have called home for some time to a new owner. A good way to deal with this emotion is to focus on doing all you can to get a great price for your property. 

Getting the value you feel your home deserves is an excellent way to help you feel good about the end of that chapter. So, if you have an open house coming up, why not spend some time setting yourself up for success? Here are a few tips to help you get started. 


Curb Appeal

Great curb appeal is important. This is especially true when you are hosting an open house because it will be the potential buyer’s first impression of your property. So, go the extra mile to make it a great one. Make sure the grass on your front lawn is well maintained. Clean the exterior of the home including windows. Make sure the driveway and walkways are clear. As a finishing touch, invest in some potted plants at the main entryway of the home. After all, you only get one shot at a first impression. 


Be A Good Host

Remember, in order for a potential buyer to pull the trigger, the space they walk into needs to feel like home. The best way to do this? Well, some good old-fashioned hospitality is a great start! Even the best real estate agent in Victoria, BC will go out of their way to greet and welcome guests as they arrive at an open house. 

Want to really stand out? Provide fresh baked goods and refreshments for your open house attendees as they browse. Not only will they appreciate this special touch but nothing says home sweet home like the smell of fresh-baked cookies. Your open house guests will be one step closer to envisioning a future in your beautiful home or apartment. 


Keep It Cozy But Clean

When you’re preparing for an open house, it can be difficult to find the right design aesthetic. This is because you will want your guests to feel comfortable and your space to feel homey but, you’ll also want to ensure that your home or apartment is free from family photographs, too much clutter, and personal pieces. If you’re having trouble finding this balance, consider bringing in a professional stager to help you prepare for your open house. 


Ask For Feedback

This is an often overlooked step when hosting an open house. However, it can be incredibly valuable to politely ask attendees to share their feedback. You might be surprised at what key factors are holding them back. This can go a long way towards helping you price your home properly and also help you proactively address the concerns of prospective buyers. Even the best realtor in Victoria, B.C. can learn something from the insights of an open house guest. So, don’t be afraid to chat with attendees and implement their feedback! 

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