Master The Art Of Moving With These Tips

March 18, 2021

You’ve found your ideal Victoria real estate that caught your eye and fell in love after a viewing. Your price offer has been accepted, all contingencies fulfilled, and the deal is closed. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to prepare for your big move. This can be quite the adventure as you need to sort, pack all your belongings in your current property and transfer it smoothly into your new Victoria real estate. You may feel overwhelmed as it’s challenging to determine where to begin and what to arrange for when. As the move-in date approaches, you need to be organized and ready to reduce the chance of any damage to your belongings or a potentially stressful move. Master the art of moving with these tips, so you can thrive on your move-in day. 

master the art of moving with these tips

Step 1: Plan Early

With your contracts signed off and your deal closed, you should start planning your property move early before the day. Take action right away to book movers or a truck, and schedule a move-in day that works for you, your spouse or family, and anyone who may be assisting you. Secure the date and any bookings you will need so you know what is happening and what time slots you may need to honor on that day (like apartment elevator reservations, professional mover times, moving truck rental, etc.)


Step 2: Make a To-Do List

Make a list as you approach this day with a detailed schedule. Remember important documentation that you may need on-hand for your move or services that you will need to transfer to your new Victoria real estate property before the date. Do you have an arrangement for where to leave your keys once your moving day is complete? Will you need to clean afterward? Add these actions and any other must-dos to your list so you don’t overlook anything. 


Step 3: Set Your Essentials Aside

Set aside items of high value to you or your family that you will want to keep close throughout the day. Pack an essentials box or bag with your valuables and items that you will need within your move’s first day. Consider this bag like your moving carry-on. Much like when you travel, you should pack some items that you will want easy access to since it may take too much effort to find what you need in your many packed boxes, especially after a long day of moving.


Step 4: Pack According to Room 

Rather than stuffing many items into any box they fit into, keep your belongings organized, so you know where to put the boxes in the new home. Label your packages clearly so any movers or those helping you know what to do with every box, making the process much more efficient. Your unpacking process will be much easier as all items you need in each room will be placed there. 


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