The Importance of Staging a Home for Real Estate

November 17, 2021

When it comes to real estate, staging is crucial. It must make you wonder, what is real estate staging? When real estate agents tell you that they will be staging your home, What they mean is that they’re going to be preparing your property for sale in the marketplace. This is going to allow them to sell your home quickly and turn a profit on it. For low-priced homes, sellers need to be extra vigilant and stage their homes appropriately to show the prospective buyers what they will get when purchasing this home. Keep reading to learn about the importance of staging a home for real estate.
The importance of staging a home for real estate

What is Staging?

We could give you a complicated definition of what staging is. Still, it would be so much simpler to tell you that a top realtor in Victoria BC, will contact a staging company and set your home up with appropriate furniture that makes it look appealing to the buyers so that when they stand inside your house, they can envision themselves living in it. It, therefore, reinforces their decision to buy this house. That is all that staging is.

The Importance of Staging

Selling your home is no easy feat. It’s a significant financial transaction, in which even settling for 5% less than what you otherwise would get would result in a significant loss. Staging helps with that. Think about it yourself; what do you notice in a potential property when you walk inside it? If you’re planning on buying it for your family, you need to be able to envision a family room, the perfect kitchen, and the bedroom of your dreams. Staging a house can create an incredibly emotional experience for the buyer, resulting in more money for the seller. 


Home staging is incredibly beneficial because any potential buyer who wants to buy a house doesn’t want to see the work that needs to be done when moving into the home. For every problem that they encounter, they significantly reduced their offering price. Show them too many problems, and they might end up not buying the house at all.

How Does Staging Affect the Sale Price and Time on the Market?

National Association of Realtors conducted and concluded a report called the 2019 Profile of Home Staging. They showed that over 25% of all of the buyer’s agents and 22% of the seller’s agents agreed that staging a home significantly increases the offer price anywhere between 1 to 5%.


This report also stated that 83% of buyers agents say that staging a home makes it much easier for the buyers to envision the property as a future home, which allows them to make the purchasing decision much faster.

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