How to go House Hunting with Kids

September 9, 2020

A lot of the time, the reason you decide to move in the first place is because of your children. You want to move to a better school district, be in closer proximity to other families, or find a property that has additional space. Many people head to their real estate agent in Victoria, BC, for just those exact points. However house hunting can be stressful, especially with kids, and there are a lot of other fine details that sometimes get missed. Here are some tips and tricks to help you manage smoothly.

Prioritizing: Sometimes, you’re not going to be able to get every single thing you wanted out of a home in your price bracket. For example, if you want to get into that great school district for your kids, it may mean having to buy a townhome instead of a house with a spacious yard. A suburban home in a quiet area may mean that you need to do a little extra travel for entertainment. Ultimately, you need to decide what matters most to you, and then focus on those traits before other ones. Check out our article on choosing the best neighborhood for you and your family.


Find A Way To Get Kids Involved: Moving can be a scary prospect for a child at any age, but getting them involved can help them feel more comfortable with the process. Younger children can be tasked with holding onto flyers for different properties, while older children can be a bit more aggressive in their involvement. Have them look up nearby parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and other places of interest to your family. This could save you a little bit of time as well.


Think Long-Term: Unless your job requires it, buying a home for your family means having long-term plans for the property. Make sure you consider the property and nearby area years in the future as well as right now. Will it still be a desirable place to live? Will it still meet everyone’s needs?


Don’t Feel The Need To Bring Children To Every House: Say that you’re going to scout a set of houses in a new area. It may not be a bad idea to look into childcare for the day with a friend or family member. Ultimately, children have a limited attention span, and the more houses you try to fit in, the more unruly they can get. This can hurt you also, as you may spend more time looking after them than checking the details of a given property. Try and narrow down the list first before letting them check out the houses for themselves.

In some cases, it’s not a matter of getting your kids on board, but finding a property that can fit all your needs. This can be a tall order, especially if you are trying to make a move before the school year starts or a similar milestone. This is why you want the best realtor in Victoria, BC. in your corner. Bring up the points that make a place ideal for your whole family, and we will help you find that fit. If you’re ready to start your house hunting journey, reach out to our team today.