How To Choose The Best Neighbourhood For You

March 10, 2020

Sometimes having to choose the best neighbourhood for you can be time-consuming and challenging but it’s not impossible. If we look at statistics, about half of all Canadian households say they’ve moved in some form within the last 4-5 years. With this said, not all moves are the same. Some people may just want to do a small move in a greater local area for a shorter commute or tax reasons. In other cases, they may need to head to a new city or province for jobs, family reasons, or a change of pace. At any level, choosing the right neighbourhood fit is essential for improving your general quality of life. Here’s what you have to do to find the perfect neighbourhood for you.



Scouting The “Best Neighbourhood”

One of the more important practical considerations to have in mind is property tax rates when running the costs of living in a certain neighbourhood. One thing that’s notable is that two areas may seem close in terms of proximity, but have massive changes in terms of property taxes. At the same time, an area with higher property taxes may be worth it through better local services, like first-responders or parks. You don’t want to make assumptions here, so always look up websites for the local area to get the most up-to-date rates and information about recent changes.


Taxes aren’t the only level of consideration at this stage, though. In terms of other costs, you may need to look at how much it costs for insurance, or to rent if you want to “sample” the area before buying in. However, no matter what the cost, it’s not going to feel worth it if you don’t feel safe in your new home. While looking at the area, make sure you talk to a top Victoria real estate agent about how other properties are selling, and about crime numbers. You want to have figures to compare, but heading over in person is a good idea also. Some areas are rougher, but very close to nice ones, so you want a clear picture.


Narrowing Your Options


When you handle these macro-issues, you can start looking at more personal aspects of what makes a new neighbourhood you would want. For example, if you’re a commuter, you want to be sure that you have a neighbourhood with reliable public transport or a reliable path to your workplace without a ton of traffic.

There are more subtle points worth talking about as well. With this said, how close is your new neighbourhood to spots you’ll need to go regularly, such as:


  • Gyms
  • Daycares
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment


When choosing the best neighbourhood for you and your family, you don’t want to find yourself in a neighbourhood that is far from all of these and pay a ton in gas to do anything. One other important facet, especially for those with families or planning families, is choosing a school. In some cases, a small move may make a difference if it puts you in a better district. If public schooling is poor in an area, look and see what magnet/charter schools are in the area. Just be mindful of the impact of a school system on property taxes.


As a final note, it’s important that you and your Victoria real estate agent are on the same page when it comes to the type of neighbourhoods that you want to go to. In some cases, these elements can serve as intangible things that are difficult to keep track of. However, making sure you explain what you want allows them to do their jobs better.


It’s key that no matter what decision you make when choosing the best neighbourhood for yourself, that you are properly prepared. Being prepared also means having a real estate agent on the same page as you are in terms of what you want. Once you’re ready to start, it’s time to find the best Victoria Realtor. We have just the person in mind!

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