Decor Trends to Refresh Your Home Aesthetic

April 28, 2021

Do you find yourself wanting to refresh your home aesthetic? By switching up your home decor, you can transform your space to boost its value and visual appeal. Your home may be full of furniture you’ve had for years, with wall colors that were trendy years ago and accessories that are cluttering your space. When spending more time at home, it is considered heroic to refresh your space and make it more contemporary home design trends. Use these decor trends to refresh your home aesthetic.

Decor Trends to Refresh Your Home Aesthetic

Add Texture

Recently, textured furniture pieces have been a hot trend because they add excitement to a room and make it more dynamic. Textures trick the eyes to make a room seem multi-dimensional with more shapes and textures. Your rooms will feel more spacious and exciting as you include soft velvet chairs, carved wooden pieces, or wire-frame containers. 


Green, Green, Green 

Plants became a hotter trend than ever over the past year, explaining why incorporating more green features, like earthy green walls and furniture pieces, is a recent decor trend. In the kitchen, your home office, or the bedroom, paint one or all walls a neutral green shade that compliments other light shades and features for a natural feel and look in your home. 


Go Simple

Hygge is a Danish decor and lifestyle practice that involves simple, comfortable living and design. Incorporate Hygge into your home by adding neutral-colored furniture pieces and include cozy accents like knit blankets and fluffy pillows. Keep things simple by minimizing your decor fixtures to establish a calming setting that doesn’t over-stimulate the eyes and the mind. The goal of Hygge is to establish harmony and peace in your home for breezy, stress-free living. For more inspiration, see the stunning pictures of our Victoria BC real estate listings.


Include Warm Tones and Colors

Warm up your space by adding rich colors to your home and choosing copper or brass-toned hardwoods or accents. Mix your warm pieces with different rich wall colors or furniture pieces to create an impactful setting that will leave a positive, memorable impression on anyone who sees it. Your visitors will respect your boldness as you’ve made it work by mixing complementary warm colors and bold shades. 


Creating an Elaborate Home Office Space

One common consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic was the push for employees to work from home more often. Create a trendy home office that’s functional, comfortable, and visually appealing to enhance productivity. Start setting up your trendy home office by positioning your desk and chair near a natural light source. Incorporate storage furniture that keeps your space tidy. Keep the room bright with other artificial light fixtures to make you feel more energized and positive in the room. Add a cozy furniture piece like a big chair or lounge seat for those moments when you need a break. These are all great ways to enhance your home office and have it feel fresh.


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