DIY Home Improvement Tips

September 26, 2022

Home remodeling projects are exciting as they add value to the house and give it a fresh look. However, home remodeling projects can be expensive. A good way homeowners can reduce costs is to personally handle some part of the project. For instance, a homeowner can handle the paint job, power washing, and re-grouting the tiles. This way, they won’t have to break the bank or go into debt. Keep reading to learn more about how you can increase your home’s value with these DIY home improvement tips.

DIY Home Improvement Tips


It’s important to know the key areas of the home that will add real value when remodeled. Homeowners can consult experienced realtors like Brad MacLaren about the right places to renovate. Brad, the best realtor in Victoria BC, can also provide useful tips to help homeowners who wish to sell their homes after remodeling them.


Tips To Boost A DIY Home Remodeling Project

As exciting as a DIY home remodeling project might feel, it can be a difficult task. However, getting the desired result is a major driving force behind many home remodeling projects. The following improvement tips can help homeowners boost the value of their homes at a minimal cost.


  • Update Fixtures
  • Freshen Up The Walls
  • Reveal And Restore Hardwood Floors
  • Improve Window Treatments

Update Fixtures

Updating the fixtures in the house is an easy way to boost its value. Homeowners can install new and attractive metal outlet covers and switch plates. There are very affordable ones that look expensive for as little as $5. Homeowners can also install new and elegant curtain rods, doorknobs, and light fixtures at affordable prices. But most importantly, homeowners who wish to sell their houses should ensure they choose colors and finishes that will appear attractive to a broad audience.

Freshen Up The Walls

The walls are another area of the home that can boost its value when remodeled. Homeowners can redo the paint job on walls with dirty paints, faded paints, or scratches. This will only cost a few cans of paints and a little elbow grease for fantastic results. But to maximize the value of the home for sale, homeowners should ensure they choose a neutral color scheme that makes the space look more prominent, unify the entire house, and appeal to a large number of potential buyers.

Reveal And Restore Hardwood Floors

Older houses are likely to have hardwood floors lurking under the carpet. When remodeling the home, homeowners should ensure they don’t ignore this part of the house. They need to pull up the carpet in unnoticeable areas to confirm if it has hardwood flooring. Homeowners should ensure they fix all issues with the floor and polish it appropriately. If the flooring is not hardwood, it might still need to be refinished. This will help restore the flooring to its original splendor.

Improve Window Treatments

Another excellent way to improve the value of a house with a DIY home improvement project is to improve the window treatment. Replacing the cheap vertical plastic blinds, horizontal aluminum, and paper shades with plantation shutters, drapes, and wooden blinds will significantly boost the home’s value. But it’s always best to choose neutral options to get a better home price.

Homeowners who need help selling their homes after a renovation project can contact Brad Maclaren today. Brad, the top realtor in Victoria BC, will help them find the best buyers in very short periods of time.

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