How To Communicate With Realtors in Victoria BC

June 4, 2020

A top realtor in Victoria BC can do a lot for you in terms of getting your house on the market and fetching the best price for it. On the other hand, they can be key for seeking out properties that meet your specific needs and facilitating the purchase process, meaning fewer roadblocks and headaches for you. However, in order to make the most of these situations, proper communication is essential. Here are some fundamental tips for how to communicate with realtors in Victoria, and making the most out of a fruitful business relationship with your real estate agent.


How to communicate with Realtors in Victoria BC

Be Upfront

Like any professional relationship, things work their best when both the agent and the client know what to expect from the other. This applies to both services and communication. When you first interact with your realtor, express how often you expect or prefer to hear updates from them on the state of your transaction. You should also have a preferred way you want to go about this communication, especially now, when some forms of communication aren’t as readily available as they were before the pandemic. Over the phone? Email? Video chat? All of these work, just make sure everyone is on the same page.


Respect Boundaries

Hand-in-hand with preferences is boundaries. Remember that your realtor is also a person, and may have situations like holidays or personal emergencies that keep them from responding as quickly as you would like in every scenario. Be understanding; however, if you see a trend of these issues, you should bring it up. In addition, make sure that you are being sensible when deciding what questions to ask. If you repeatedly ask questions the realtor can’t provide answers for, you’re just making things uncomfortable for everyone.


Keep Things Honest

There are going to be times where you’re not entirely happy with the way things are progressing. Maybe you’re not getting the interest in your home that you hoped for or the properties they are bringing for you to look at don’t meet your standards. Be professional, but honest when bringing up these concerns. What were the expectations you had when you started working with them, and how are they not being met? A good realtor will be able to analyze the issues and present them to you. How you decide to use that information is up to you.


Do Your Own Research

A realtor is a valuable source of information, but they are likely to be juggling you and other clients. As a result, try and do some of your own research before bringing up questions to them. This will help make your queries more refined and focused, which helps them do their jobs better. Much in the same way you discovered this article, doing some simple searches online, or reading the blogs on this site can help you gain an understanding of the basics. This is sure to help things move along more smoothly. 


How to Communicate with Realtors in Victoria BC

Now that you know how to communicate with realtors in Victoria BC, you’ll want to eventually choose one. While good communication makes the services of any top realtor a lot more effective, at the end of the day, you want the most skilled professional possible to service your needs. This means working with the Best Realtor in Victoria BC. We can help you with both buying and selling homes, and all key steps of the process, so be sure to contact our team today.