How To Know You Are Ready To Sell Your Home

June 10, 2020

Selling your home, even with the help of the top realtor in Victoria, BC, is a long-term task. You are not only putting in a sizable financial investment in finding a new place to live, but also an enormous time investment in terms of getting your home ready for sale and going through various steps of the selling process with different buyers. Because of this, you don’t want to commit to getting started until you truly know you are ready to sell. Here are some good signs this applies to you.


how to know you are ready to sell your home

You Absolutely Have to Move

In some cases, it’s not a matter of choosing more than the choice being made for you. These are the circumstances like having to move to a new city or part of the country for a job, to take care of family, or for other, immediate reasons. In these cases, you’re not going to have the flexibility to prep your home or take advantage of the market like you would if it was a more premeditated decision. Just keep that in mind when you are looking at sale prices.


You have Equity on Your Side

The nightmare scenario is having to sell a home when you owe more on it than it’s actually worth. However, if the opposite is the case, this works out better for you, as you can make money on the transaction. In order to figure out how much equity you have, simply subtract your mortgage balance from how much the house is currently worth. The higher it is, the better you make out financially when moving.


Your Needs in a Home are Changing

This is something we see a lot with young families. A condo or apartment may be great for a young couple, but when children enter the picture, things are different. You may want a yard, proximity to good schools, or child-friendly activities, as well as more space within the home. If you are doing family planning or perhaps planning to let a senior relative move in with you, you want to be proactive in terms of finding a home.


You are Fed Up with your Current Home

Note that you don’t want to be rash in your decision-making here. One spat with a neighbour or unexpected repair is not cause to think about moving. However, if there is a repeated trend of issues with your home or neighbourhood, you may want to think about moving. However, you need to have a clear destination in mind, as well as take a close look at your finances to make sure they can support a move at the time. 


How to Know you are ready to Sell your Home

If you find these scenarios apply to you, great! The next step is getting the professional support to make this next, long stage a successful one. That means you want the help of the top realtor in Victoria, BC. We know what it takes to get the best sale price for your home, so be sure to contact our team today.