How To Sell Your Home Remotely

April 29, 2020

Selling your home remotely has become increasingly normal and popular over the last month. Conventionally, Spring has been a popular time to sell a home, but it’s an understatement to say that this is no ordinary spring. 



COVID-19 is changing the ways we live our lives worldwide, and Victoria, BC, is no exception. In the current uncertainty, some may be tempted to wait to sell their houses, while others still want to move full-speed ahead. There are some good reasons for the latter:


  • Needing to move due to expiring leases or work contracts
  • Wanting to take advantage of future home affordability
  • Less competition on the market


If those points appeal to you, you’ll need to find a way to partner with Victoria, BC’s top real estate agent, to get your home on the market, while still complying with existing social distancing rules. Don’t think that you have to put everything on pause, though. Here are some ways you can get the ball rolling.


Virtual tours: Virtual tours were already an existing service before the pandemic. People who lived far away but couldn’t attend an open house in person could be guided around a home for a personal impression and chance to interface with the home sales team. Now, naturally, these are more popular than ever. These will be a key part of getting potential buyers started until we are able to meet in person again.


Remote communication: Naturally, you want to keep up with your real estate agent to track potential buyers and details going on with your home. However, like many other workplaces, it’s time to take a lot of these talks remote. While your phone can help, you may want to use conferencing apps for longer conversations or where you may want to share other details with each other.


Electronic signing/ drive-through closings: Say that you do find a willing buyer, or had a buyer ready to go before the pandemic and just need to finish things through. These are secure ways for you and your buyer to transfer and sign key documents without exposing each other to any unnecessary risks. Some title companies are even allowing you to drive through your closing to get it done safely.  Just make sure to do your research on what options there are here. 


Wire transfers/ virtual deposits: Going hand in hand with taking the paperwork virtual, these methods allow money to change hands for fees and purchases without any in-person contact.


In order to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you and still work towards that home sale, it’s essential that you have skilled and experienced professionals in your corner. While no one necessarily has experience in the current circumstance, a seasoned real estate agent knows how to take market shifts and work them to your advantage, and is more likely to guide you to the resources you can use. For this additional expertise and support, reach out to the best realtor in Victoria, BC. We can help connect you with the ideal fits for your needs, so be sure to contact our team today.