How To Stage A Successful Open House

May 26, 2020

Want to know how to stage a successful open house? When you partner with the top realtor in Victoria, BC, and stage an open house, your goal should be attracting the attention of potential buyers. 



A successful open house will give potential buyers the opportunity to see your house and ask relevant questions, and hopefully, a few of those will give you serious consideration as buyers. However, some open houses either don’t get a lot of attendees or those that do attend aren’t possible buyers. Here’s how you can minimize the chance of that happening to you.


Scout the competition: Not all houses are the same, but technically, homes in your community are competing against you in terms of selling. As a result, it’s a good idea to try and look and see what other homes are doing for open houses, and which ones sell quickly and which don’t. This can save you the trouble of a little added trial and error.


Have description sheets ready: Depending on how many people attend the open house, you or your agent may not have the time or ability to respond to every single question that comes your way. Property description sheets are useful here because they provide a lot of baseline information, like the address, asking price, amount of bedrooms/bathrooms, appliances, and special features. This way, the only questions you need to answer face-to-face are the specific or specialized ones.


Be mindful of the timing: The vast majority of open houses are on Sundays, and there’s a good reason for that. You want to be able to have your home open when the most people possible are going to be free. While in some cases, it pays to buck the trend, for now, you’re best served trying to do the same.


Have a marketing plan: Simply putting up posters around town isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to use social media and real estate channels to get the news of your open house not just in front of people, but those people most likely to attend.


Consider alternative options: In some cases, people may be interested in your home, but won’t necessarily have the ability to attend a physical open house. Consider talking to your agent and seeing if a virtual open house is a possibility. This is essentially the same as any other open house, only using video software to see the property. This could potentially open your home up to a whole new set of buyers.


A lot of the open houses that don’t end up getting a lot of return on investment are largely due to ill timing or not staging the house properly. While it’s possible for you to get everything right, a lot of the work, especially marketing your open house, is best done with the services of a professional, like the best realtor in Victoria, BC. We can help you with putting together great open houses and all the steps afterward, so be sure to contact our team today.