Is It Time To Renovate Or Find A New Victoria Home?

February 17, 2021

Your Victoria BC home is full of fond memories where you raised your family, held friend gatherings, watched your children take their first steps, and passed significant life milestones. After years of being in the home, you may have an itch to change things up. And so begins the big debate: do you renovate or do you buy new? Does your current home, filled with so much sentimental value, have the potential to become something entirely new that might be more modern and trendy? Or do you need to close this chapter and look somewhere new to start making more memories? So, is it time to renovate, or find a new Victoria home? Keep reading for more insight.

renovate or find a new home

Deciding to stay or go is a challenging dilemma that doesn’t always have a clear answer. However, you can consider several factors that will guide you to finally choosing between moving or improving:

Does your current house make an ideal canvas for a new design? 

If you’re considering renovating, you likely have a final vision in mind. After spending months perusing beautiful modern home interiors, you want to upgrade your Victoria BC home aesthetic. But you need to consider if the renovations would give you a result like those you see in online pictures or on your favorite design shows. For example, if you have low ceilings, you can’t hang the beautiful staple light fixtures that the pros use on their shows. However, if you have the right spacing in your rooms, you could create a masterpiece. 


What can you afford? 

Between the two, buying a new home may be more expensive. A renovation could help you in the distant future as it could boost your home’s value for future profit. However, if you were to sell now, it’s worth evaluating if your property could earn an offer that will cover the costs of your next home. In that case, buying may be the best option. 


How much time do you have to commit to your renovations?  

If you are busy with your family life and professional work, you may need to consider whether you have the time for renovations. That’s why renovations could be an ideal project if you are retired or you set aside weeks to work on this with helpful friends and family. 


Do you need all the space in your current house? 

Your current home may have been where you raised multiple children, but if they’ve grown up, you’re likely living with an empty nest. With fewer rooms occupied, do you still need all that space? Maybe it’s time to find a lovely smaller accommodation to settle into.


Contact a Top Realtor in Victoria, BC

So, is it time to renovate, or find a new Victoria home? Only you can decide for sure. Once you’ve asked and answered these questions for yourself, it’s time to take action. If you’ve decided that it’s time to start fresh and find somewhere new that’s modern and stylish, you should work with the best realtor in Victoria BC, Brad MacLaren. He will help you find your next Victoria home that suits your lifestyle and tastes. To begin your next big step in life, contact Brad today.