Perfect Flowers For Your Garden

May 7, 2022

Gardening is a fun activity that offers several benefits to the health and well-being of humans. It is a perfect way to exercise and stay active. It also helps to create the presence of a natural environment. Another significant benefit of gardening is that it helps keep the air clean, removing carbon and releasing oxygen. However, creating a garden requires space and proper planning. Thankfully, Brad MacLaren, the best realtor in Victoria BC, can help you find the best property with great gardening spaces. But a great garden space is incomplete without the perfect flowers to grow in it. Here are five perfect flowers for your garden in Victoria.

Perfect Flowers for your Garden in Victoria BC




Petunias are fantastic annual flowers to grow in the garden. It is a great flower that thrives well even in the heat. The hotter the weather, the more they bloom. It blooms almost throughout the year till early November. Petunias flowers are perfect for any garden and easy to grow, especially the Wave Petunias, as they don’t require all shades of sunshine. There are several popular varieties of the Petunias flower, such as the Milliflora, Multiflora, Wave, and Grandiflora.



Alyssum flowers are beautiful flowers that can be used for ground cover. It spreads throughout its space without any help. Alyssum flowers are characterized by their beautiful small colorful blooms that will always add color to any landscape. They are perfect for the winter season and will bloom throughout the period. However, they will wither when exposed to heat. The popular varieties of the Alyssum flower are the Sweet Alyssum, Royal Carpet, Snow Crystals, and Easter Bonet.



Dahlia is another incredible flower perfect for any garden. It is effortless to grow, as they don’t have special needs like fertilizers. They also barely need water and can be grown in any soil. However, the best place to grow Dahlia if they would be used for landscaping is in gardening containers. This makes moving them around or transplanting them into a window box effortless. The popular varieties of the Dahlia plant are the Pinnata, Bishop, and Imperialis.



Zinnias are another flower species that can thrive even in extreme heat. They are best grown in the spring or early summer and will continue to bloom until the end of summer. Zinnias are easy to grow and are among the easiest flowers to grow from seed. They don’t need much water, sunlight, and care to germinate. However, they only do well when planted in the ground. Common varieties of Zinnias are Common, Angustifolia, and Desert.



Pansies are popular flowers that thrive well in Victoria, BC. They bloom all year and can bloom for up to eight months without care or need of deadheading. They are also easy to grow, as they require only a little maintenance. Pansies are ground cover flowers with one of the most beautiful blooms. This sets them apart from other ground cover flowers. Popular Pansy varieties include Alba Minor, Cool Wave, Black Accord, and Chalon Supreme.


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