Sell Your Home in a Flash With These Tips

April 7, 2021

The ideal situation for any Victoria property seller is to have their property sell quickly and above asking. The faster their property is claimed on the market, the sooner the closing date. That way, you won’t need to spend much more time and money on the house’s upkeep costs. If you have already purchased a new property, there’s the risk of paying for both property expenses if your current house doesn’t sell right away. If you were waiting to sell before buying, your fast closing means you get to begin a new chapter of your life by hunting and finding your next home. Buyers will also be less likely to negotiate your pricing if you have just been listed on the market, so you’ll likely at least get your asking price, if not higher. Here are some tips to help you sell your home in a flash:

sell your home in a flash

Home Staging

Whether you invest in professional services or do it yourself, staging is an impactful way to leave a positive impression on your potential buyers. You’ll stand out among other properties with your tasteful and trendy decor, highlighting the features of your home. Staging demonstrates the potential of your property, helping buyers see how they could decorate it. Doing this is more powerful than an empty house since it allows your viewers to envision themselves living in the house. From your wall paint, rugs, accents, and furniture, staging will ensure every detail embellishes your property, making it more appealing to buyers. 


Boost Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to houses, what’s on the outside counts. Your home exterior will establish your potential buyers’ first impression, so you’ll want to start on the right foot. Strong curb appeal will make your property more memorable and draw more viewers when they see your listing online. You can enhance your curb appeal by refreshing your house’s exterior paint or taking a power washer so it appears fresh and new. Maintain your yard to make it look neat and healthy. You can also add some visual appeal with colorful flowers in your garden or window boxes. If it suits the rest of your home’s aesthetic, go bold by painting your front door a punchy color.


Invest In Your Kitchen

If you are selling an older house, it may be profitable to make some upgrades, so it appeals to potential buyers’ tastes. The kitchen is known as the heart of your home. If you have a beautiful kitchen with quality appliances, you could win over your property viewers. Lacking counter space? Add an island where your buyers’ family can sit while one member cooks. A large sink, dishwasher, marble counter tops, and more could give you the advantage over other properties on the market. 


Work With a Top Realtor in Victoria, BC

For more tips and information to help you sell your house fast, let Brad MacLaren be your guide. As the best realtor in Victoria, BC, he’ll analyze your competition and help you draw buyers willing to invest above asking for your property. Your home will sell on the market in a flash with Brad’s help. Contact Brad today to learn more.