Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Quickly Around The Holidays

November 15, 2022

Home sales during the holidays can be pretty challenging. In fact, November through January is considered by many to be the worst time of the year to sell a house. While selling your house during the winter can be discouraging, it also offers its advantages. For instance, holiday buyers are often more serious, and the competition is less fierce, even with fewer homes in the market. However, you might need the services of a real estate professional like Brad Maclaren to help you sell your home during the holidays. Brad, the best realtor in Victoria BC, understands the market and knows how to sell for value even during the holidays. So, keep reading to learn some of Brad’s best tips to help you sell your home quickly around the holidays.

Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Quickly Around the Holidays

Ways To Sell Your Home Quicker During The Holiday

Home sales during the holidays can be challenging. It could take a long time to get buyers, but with proper planning, homeowners can sell their homes quicker and still get good value for their homes. Here are a few things to help sell your home faster during the holidays.

  • Price It To Sell
  • Improve The Curb Appeal
  • Use The Internet
  • Create A Video Tour For The Web
  • Hire A Reliable Real Estate Agent

Price It To Sell

The price slammed on the house plays a crucial role in how fast it sells. If a home is priced low for the market, buyers will be happy to pay for it regardless of the time of the year. Therefore, homeowners who wish to sell their homes quickly during the holiday should consider slashing their prices.


Improve The Curb Appeal

Another excellent way to attract buyers is by improving the curb appeal, making the house more attractive. Interestingly, improving a home’s curb appeal may not cost much money. It may require cutting the grasses, trimming the trees, and power washing the flooring. However, the homeowner may have to repair some parts of the home’s landscape, which might take more time and money, depending on its state.


Use The Internet

Today, many home buyers start hunting for new homes on the internet. In fact, if the weather’s frightful, they may rely almost completely on home listings online. Therefore, homeowners looking to sell their homes during the holidays should explore using the internet. They need to post high-quality photos of their homes on home listing websites to attract buyers. Pictures taken with your smartphone will not cut it.


Create A Video Tour For The Web

There are more vacation plans during the holidays, especially in the winter. This implies that many buyers may not have the time to sightsee the homes they picked online. But shooting a quality video tour of the house and posting it online will help buyers see what they are buying without a physical tour. This saves everyone time and nowadays is considered to be a standard feature of an online listing, so not doing it will put your listing way down the list.


Hire A Reliable Real Estate Agent

The best and easiest way to sell a house fast during the holiday is by hiring a real estate agent. A professional real estate agent understands the holiday market and has experience selling houses during this period. The realtor also has connections with other realtors and home buyers they can contact to help speed up home sales.

Do you wish to sell your house during the holiday? Contact Brad Maclaren today with your real estate needs. Brad, the top realtor in Victoria BC, can help you get buyers for your home quickly, even during the holidays. Looking to buy instead? Check out our page for stunning real estate listings around Victoria

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