Simple Ways to Save Up for Your Victoria Dream Home

April 14, 2021

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through house listings in Victoria and saying, “maybe someday?” You may feel like owning a home is far out of your reach, but that may not be the case. By starting to prepare for buying your first home now financially, you could be able to afford your dream house in no time. A few simple spending cuts and saving habits could make an immense difference in your savings. Here are some simple ways to save up for your Victoria dream home, so you can begin house hunting sooner rather than later.

Simple ways to save up for your Victoria dream home

Plan for The Budget You’ll Need

If you have a general number that you need for buying a house in the area, you’ll have a more defined goal that will motivate you to save. Explore online Victoria listings to learn general listing prices to learn what kind of down payments you would have to pay when buying. 


Address Your Debt First

If you start saving while still deep in debt from student loans, lines of credit, and more, you won’t necessarily have the funds to afford a house. It’s time to start seriously chipping at your debt so you can have a clean slate (and a strong credit score for your mortgage application). 


Automate Your Savings

With most banks, you can arrange automatic bill payments and money transfers between your accounts or other people. Set up an automatic money transfer that will move a specific amount into your savings constantly. You don’t need to choose a high number. Transfer whatever is reasonable regularly, and it will add up fast. 


Cut the Small Stuff

This means that it’s time to make some sacrifices that may be challenging but rewarding in the end. Learn to make homemade Starbucks coffees, practice more home cooking rather than ordering delivery or takeout, limit your seasonal wardrobe shopping, and so on. If you want to seriously save, it’s time to reorganize your priorities and learn what you need so you can eliminate unnecessary spending.


Add Your Windfalls to Your Savings

Celebrating a birthday soon? Deposit all the cash from your cards into your savings. Got a bonus at work? Add to savings. Found a $20 bill on the ground? Add to savings. Got your tax refund? Savings. A windfall indicates money outside of your salary or regular earnings. They’re often handed to you or fell into your lap by chance. While you shouldn’t bank on winning the lottery any time soon, adding all your minor windfalls to your house savings will help you immensely. 


Saved Up Enough to Buy? Work with the Top Realtor in Victoria, BC

If you’re nearing your savings goal, it’s time to take action! 

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