Smart Property Upgrades To Increase Value

July 6, 2020

When many homeowners are preparing their homes for selling, upgrades are something that comes up a lot in conversation. There may be some spaces/areas that you’re perfectly happy to live in, but aren’t necessarily the most appealing to a would-be buyer. Making a change here can be the difference between a dream sale and not getting as much for your home as you have hoped. Of course, you want to be smart, and make sure you don’t blow through your budget for a low ROI.

So, before you reach out to the top realtor in Victoria, BC, to get your house on the market, here are some smart renovations and additions you may want to look into.


Bathroom upgrades: A common thread that you’re going to see with a lot of these different options is that home buyers value upgrades that save them a lot of expense and effort. The bathroom is one of the most common examples, but you want to take a measured approach. Redoing the entire plumbing set if it’s not necessary yet probably isn’t a good idea, as that may cost more than you get back. However, upgrading a few fixtures and attending to any outstanding issues is a good idea no matter what your financial status is.


Kitchen upgrades: Much like the bathroom, the kitchen is likely to give you the most bang for your buck in terms of ROI. Just be smart about how you do it. Maybe you want to focus on a few appliances or the backsplash? Perhaps new flooring is the top priority? Figure out what you think are the biggest issues and attend to those, rather than redoing the kitchen from scratch. 


Storage space: Many homebuyers don’t really realize how much storage space they need until it’s too late, so this is an addition you can always feel comfortable about making. Just be smart with your placement if you’re making a new addition. Additional storage should be easily accessible but also discreet, so the homebuyer can store any items they want. 


Following other homes near you: Remember, you’re not renovating your home for your tastes, but what will get you the most buyers. It behooves you to look and see some of the features that homes selling in your ideal price range have. If there are some common trends, it’s probably a good idea to follow them, especially if you are selling soon. This can also help guide your ideal starter asking price. 


In some cases, selling your home in its current condition may be the smart move to make. In others, you may just want to prioritize very small changes, like a new coat of paint or sprucing up the yard. Professionals can look at your budget and goals and figure out what’s the best course, and the top real estate agent in Victoria, BC, is the perfect example of the help you need. When you’re ready to take this step,  contact our team today.