Tips for Talking with Potential Buyers – from Top Realtor Brad Maclaren

June 23, 2020

For those selling their homes, their main focus is going to shift in different phases. At first, your primary concern may be making renovations on your home to get it ready for the market. Next, you may be figuring out what the best platforms are for your listing, and what the listing should look like. After that, the next step is going to be working with potential buyers. The way you handle these relationships could be the deciding factor in making a great deal for both of you. So, here are some expert tips for talking with potential buyers.

tips for talking with potential buyers


Know your Demographics

Not all home buyers are the same, and this is something you should be mindful of right from the beginning of your home sale. Realtors will help you figure out what demographics your home appeals to, and where you should focus your sales to based on that. However, there’s more to it than that. Demographics may also impact what communications you use as well as other aspects of your sales plan. Make sure you concentrate on one or a few set ones. The Top Realtor in Victoria BC can help you better understand how to respond to these demographics.


Have a Plan

For those who don’t have any experience in sales, selling a home is going to be a very unique experience. You’ll need to be ready to share the appeal of the home, address any potential concerns, and answer a variety of different questions. Don’t go into this unprepared, it is highly advisable to have a home-selling plan. If your realtor isn’t going to be taking this all on themselves, they should be at least coaching you on some of the key things to say. 


Be Prompt

At times, different buyers may reach out to you with sudden questions. Ideally you want to be as available as possible, within reason. This helps show the buyer that you care about their experience and are handling things in a professional way. It also means there will be less down-time for interested buyers to find and prefer properties other than yours.


Be Transparent

Lastly, the relationship between a home buyer and seller is one of trust. While it may be tempting to try and slide certain things by to preserve the home price, there’s a very good chance you may get caught and end up spoiling the deal. Not to mention, you may end up violating some regulations. In real estate, it pays to be honest. If there’s a potential issue with the house, just be upfront about it. In some cases, this may actually work in your favor. Your realtor may be able to help you spin some issues into selling points, rather than problems.


Tips for Talking with Potential Buyers

While this standard information is a good start when it comes to working with different home buyers, ultimately the best tactics and trends to follow are going to change. This is why it pays for you to work with a professional who can help you adapt, like the best realtor in Victoria BC. We have all the information and skill to help you build successful relationships with potential buyers. If you’re ready to start this journey with us, contact our team today.