Tips To Improve The Smell Of Your Victoria BC Home

May 28, 2022

Every home has its unique scent, but some homes smell better than others. This is due to the conscious effort of the homeowner. No one wants to live in a house with an unpleasant stench. Because no matter the aesthetic value of a home, one of the first things visitors will notice is its scent. This implies that the smell of a house gives it value. It also provides residents with comfort. Therefore, homeowners should invest in improving the smell of their homes.

Several things can affect the smell of a house. This includes poor sanitation, garbage disposal, funky fridge, dirty carpets, smelly dishes, and poor pet care. To improve the smell of the house, the homeowner must identify and eliminate the cause of the smell. If you need an apartment in Victoria BC, with great aesthetic value and smell, you should contact Brad MacLaren. Brad, the best realtor in Victoria BC, will help you find the best homes in the area. Already a resident? Keep reading to learn some valuable tips to improve the smell of your Victoria BC home.

Tips to Improve the Smell of Your Victoria BC Home


How To Improve The Smell Of Your House

Here are five easy tips to help get rid of that funny smell in the house.

  • Clean Up Each Room
  • Check Pet Places
  • Open The Windows
  • Apply Homemade Room Freshener
  • Use Baking Soda Cleaner


Clean Up Each Room

Proper sanitation is the first step to improving the smell of a home. Homeowners should ensure that each room in the house is cleaned adequately. While cleaning the rooms, leftover dishes in the bedroom and living room should also be removed. All dishes should be washed and returned to the appropriate place. Also, all the garbage in the house and trash bags should be disposed of.


Check Pet Places

Pets can be excellent companions in the house, but they can also mess up the home. They may even be the main reason for the funny smell in the home. For instance, furry pets will stink if not adequately cared for. Therefore, when improving the smell of the house, homeowners should check their pets’ places. They should ensure that they clean out their pets’ homes, dispose of their waste and clean the pets regularly. 


Open The Windows

Open windows allow fresh air into the home. Interestingly, this may be all that is needed to refresh the air in the home. Nothing beats a cool summer breeze. Fresh air will not only help to remove the stench in the house, but it will also provide plenty of health benefits. This includes increasing oxygen in the respiratory and digestive systems and improving blood pressure.


Apply Homemade Room Freshener

Applying homemade room fresheners in the home is another effective way of improving its smell. Homemade room fresheners are fantastic for people who don’t want to be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. They are also easy to make and are pretty cost-effective. 


Use Baking Soda Cleaner

Using baking soda cleaner is an excellent way of improving the smell in the home. Baking soda is an effective natural deodorizer, making it perfect for cleaning. It can be used to clean rugs, carpets, and other parts of the home. 


Selling or renting out your home is easier when it smells well. But if you need help with renting out or selling your home in Victoria BC, contact Brad MacLaren today. Brad, the top realtor in Victoria BC, will help you get the best prices for your property. Looking to buy? Brad can help you secure a deal on the property of your dreams.

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