How to Build Connections With Your New Neighbors

April 22, 2021

After moving into a new home in Victoria BC, you may anticipate taking some time to finally feel settled. With all the unpacking and settling in, you’ll experience an adjustment period until feeling truly at home. Sometimes even after the boxes are emptied and your new home is fully decorated, you may still notice that your place still doesn’t feel like your own. So, what can help you feel more welcome and comfortable in your new home? Connecting with neighbors is a great option. By having positive interactions with other people who have settled into the area, you’ll feel a greater sense of belonging. Your neighbors could play a valuable role in helping you adapt to your new surroundings. Keep reading for (COVID-safe) tips on how to build connections with your new neighbors:

How to build connections with your new neighbors

Spend Time in Your Front Yard

One easy way to make yourself known in your new neighborhood is being seen. By taking care of your lawn, gardening, or just sitting on your front porch, the people around you will become more used to seeing you around. If they pass by while you’re outside, you’ll have more organic opportunities to introduce yourself and chat to establish friendly connections while remaining a safe distance. 


Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Explore your new area with pleasant walks around the block. You can catch more of a glimpse of your neighbors’ lifestyles by how they personalize their yards or if they’re enjoying outdoor activities at their homes. Always make sure to wave and smile when passing your homes for an easy, pleasant encounter to build a base for your neighborly connection. 


Share Homemade Goods or Gifts

A little incentive can go a long way. Share a little piece of your home with your neighbors by leaving some baked goods with a note introducing yourself on their porch. If you like to sew, knit, or create unique woodwork crafts, for example, create small, tasteful items that other area residents will appreciate. This gesture shows you are friendly and generous and displays your enthusiasm for joining the neighborhood. 


Be a Conscientious Neighbor 

While the gifts, smiles, and waves will help you earn your neighbors’ trust and break the ice in building a connection with them, you need to walk the talk. Be a considerate neighbor who won’t interfere with the area’s peace or make things more uncomfortable for those around you. Some ways to help you manage this include: 

  • Taking outdoor activities inside after later hours
  • Limiting the number of visitors (especially under these pandemic conditions) to minimize traffic and noise around your house
  • Properly sealing your garbage cans on garbage day
  • Bagging your mowed grass and leaves to avoid them being blown into other yards


By demonstrating that you are a considerate, respectful neighbor, you’ll be able to build positive connections and establish harmonious cohabitation. 


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