Is Winter A Good Time To Sell My House?

November 19, 2022

It’s well known that spring is the most popular time to sell a house, while winter is often rated as the worst season to do so. In fact, the real estate market during the winter is just like the weather–cold and often uninviting. However, not everyone can wait till spring to sell a house. Some homeowners might want to sell their houses due to some financial constraints. Although the winter season may not be as popular as the spring, it offers sellers several advantages. Having the best realtor in Victoria BC, Brad Maclaren, handle your home sales helps you sell your home quickly during the winter. So, keep reading to find out if winter might be a good time to sell your house, after all.

Is Winter a Good Time to Sell My House?


Benefits Of Selling A House During The Winter

Many homeowners are often discouraged from selling their homes during the winter, but as stated above, selling a house during the winter offers its benefits, such as:

  • Less Competition
  • There Are More Serious Buyers
  • Availability Of Funds
  • Corporate Relocation

Less Competition

The housing market is often crowded during spring because it’s the most popular season for home sales, so during the winter there are fewer buyers. Many homeowners see this as a negative, but it’s often to their advantage. Less competition during a home sale implies that the number of available homes on sale is less, which allows homeowners to sell at a higher rate and make more profit due to the decreased supply.


There Are More Serious Buyers

Another advantage of selling a house during the winter is that there are more serious buyers. During the spring, the market is competitive. But not everyone who approaches an agent wants to buy–some may be window shoppers, just sightseeing or trying to get the best deals for their homes. However, during the winter, many buyers fear they may not get the options and quality they want. Even window shoppers are less likely to window shop for a home, leaving only serious buyers in the market.


Availability Of Funds

Statistics show that more people have more funds to spend during the winter. This is often due to year-end financial payouts and bonuses. In fact, the year-end performance reviews by many home sellers show that people often spend more money on homes. Based on this, selling a house during the winter is more profitable. Also, because of the availability of funds, home sellers are more likely to receive the full payment for their homes rather than in installments.


Corporate Relocation

During the winter, home sellers are more likely to encounter buyers relocating for a job. In fact, January and February are the biggest months for corporate workers relocating. This is a good thing for sellers, as these buyers are often all out to get a new home. They wish to move in and settle quickly and will pay good value for a good home.


Is Winter a Good Time to Sell My House?

Are you having challenges selling your home in the winter? Do you want to sell your home quickly and at a profitable rate? Contact Brad Maclaren, the top realtor in Victoria, BC, today. Brad is a skilled realtor in Victoria BC, with experience selling homes at the best rates, even during the winter.

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