Top Tips for First Time Home Buyers

May 12, 2021

Like many pivotal Firsts in life, becoming a first-time home buyer can be both exciting and stressful all at once. The very nature of doing something for the first time means there will likely be unknowns. Potential unexpected obstacles and roller-coaster emotions will all be happening together. To reduce your anxieties and make your experience enjoyable, take these following steps before beginning your search. These top tips for first-time home buyers will help you make confident decisions, and empower you to find your first dream home.

top tips for first time home buyers

Determine Your Goals

Determining your goals and expectations for your new home will genuinely help you narrow your search and lead to reduced frustration. To do this, it is helpful to ask yourself some questions which might bring clarity to your mind. Additionally, the answers to these questions will allow you to communicate your expectations to your real estate agent.

  1. What features are a must-have in my new home?
  2. What type of setting will I be most comfortable in—urban or rural?
  3. Do I have any specific neighborhoods in mind for my ideal living arrangement?
  4. What are transportation options available to me for commuting to work, grocery shopping, and visiting friends?

Get Professional Financial Advice

Another critical step that will bring you closer to becoming a first-time home-buyer is to seek professional financial advice from your bank account manager or other financial lenders. To know which for-sale listings you and your real estate agent should focus on, you’ll need to determine your buying capacity. 

Finding out from your financial advisor whether you qualify for a pre-approved mortgage is another good step to take during your financial planning. A pre-approved mortgage loan will help you stand out from other home-buyers. With a pre-approved loan, the seller is likely to take your offer more seriously.

Conduct Research

To help answer the above questions, compare similar homes in the areas in which you wish to live. Then, look more deeply into these areas to ensure they offer all the amenities and conveniences you want. In case the houses available that fit your budget are more limited than you anticipate, narrow these services down to the ones you absolutely need and create a backup list.

Hire the Top Realtor in Victoria, BC

This final step is the most critical to ensure you have the most positive experience buying your first home. A local realtor servicing the Victoria area with intimate knowledge of the local community is an invaluable source of guidance. Hire the best realtor in Victoria BC, by contacting our real estate firm today. We have a passion for interior design and an eye for architecture. Our realtors are committed to providing high-quality, professional service throughout every aspect of your real estate transaction. Skilled negotiators, we are highly accessible and responsive to your specific real estate needs. We are here to help you!