What Makes A Home The Right Fit For You

October 14, 2020

One of the first things the best realtor in Victoria, BC is going to ask you is what you want out of your new home. A lot of people, surprisingly, don’t give this answer the attention that they should. In some cases, the type of home they have is a secondary means to an end. For example, people moving to a city for a new job or to be near family may be concerned about setting their roots down, and worrying about specifics later. However, a home is a major investment, and it’s important that you find traits you like before committing. Here are some of the things you’ll want to think about when looking for a home that is the right fit for you.

What Makes A Home The Right Fit For You


There are macro locations and micro-locations to consider here. Macro-locations, like the city or region you live in, are generally already decided. Micro-locations can represent something like a neighborhood, and these are generally harder to narrow down. Things that you may want to think about are proximity to public transport, attractions, and other considerations. In addition, think about the makeup of the neighborhood. Young couples in a neighborhood with mostly retirees may feel somewhat out of place.


To be fair, if you have permanent plans for a home you can make your own changes to aesthetics if you really want to. However, with that said, you do need to consider the area. If you want to go for a pastel look and the other homes around you don’t have that design, your home may look a bit out of place, and you might upset some of your neighbors. If you’re set on personalizing the exterior of your future home, and really making it stand out, then you may want to consider neighborhoods where most of the houses are already unique-looking or perhaps more spread out. To see all the beautiful homes we have for sale currently, please visit our page on listings around Victoria BC.


If you know you want a certain feature like a pool or something similar, it may be worth scouting for a home that already has them. Then again, you could argue the opposite and look for one without a pool or other desired amenity, so you have full control over what you install. This will come down to what you have in mind for the future of your new house. Sometimes to realize a vision, a blank slate is needed; but be mindful that adding or overhauling features of your house will increase both the time and the money it takes to fully realize your new home.


Of course, we should talk about the elephant in the room. A dream house that you can’t afford is just that, a dream. The one addendum we want to make to this point is that you do want to have a full understanding of a home’s impact on your finances before you commit. For example, if you buy a cheaper home, how much will you end up spending on upgrades and repairs? What about the added costs of gas if you move further from work or other places you go often? If you’re unsure about how all these little factors can affect your budget and options, talking to your real estate agent in Victoria, BC can help shed light on the topic for you.


A lot of the time, what makes a home the “proper fit” for someone is a combination of your personal preferences and practical factors. Finding the proper balance is a major part of making a decision that you’re happy with. The key thing that would-be home buyers need to do is make sure that they have a proper understanding of what that entails, and that means expert help. The top realtor in Victoria, BC can talk to you about what you value and what is accessible, and direct you to the best mixes of each. If you’re ready to find the home that’s a perfect fit for you, reach out to our team today.